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About Us

Welcome to Care Companion! This online support platform has been created by people who are actively involved in supporting individuals with caring responsibilities. This includes a panel of people who have years of hands-on caring experience; GPs, mental health specialists and researchers at Warwick Medical School; Global Initiative, a digital agency; managers from local authorities, the voluntary sector and the NHS. We’ve been funded by the NHS and charitable sources.

Our aim is to provide a unique, personalised experience for carers who are seeking additional help, advice and support – or just looking for ideas to take time out. Its resources have been carefully chosen for being up to date, relevant and useful.

Everyone who uses Care Companion can become part of a community that influences its future design and development by feeding back your ideas and suggestions for content.

If you would like any other information relating to Care Companion or would like to join the community influencing its future development, please fill out the Feedback form on the FAQs page.


What does Care Companion do?

Care Companion has a number of useful tools at your disposal; you can choose to use them as much or as little as you see fit. The site uses information you give it to find the most appropriate information for you and your situation. So from time to time, Care Companion may ask you for some details to help select this information.The first thing you will be asked to do, is fill out your profile; a simple set of 9 questions that can help Care Companion personalise itself for you. 

From here, you will have access to Resources, My Address Book, your Journal and a To Do list. 

  • The Resources section contains articles and links that are relevant to your personal needs and situation.
  • Address Book lists contact details of support groups relevant to your location and requirement - you can save your own contacts here, too.
  • The Diary is a place for you to record events, thoughts, changes in regime and so on. You can download and print these out if you wish to bring along to medical appointments.
  • The To Do list are a suggested list of things you could do either on Care Companion or at home; you don't have to do these, they're just there to help. You can also create your own tasks in your list. 

The first time you visit each one of the pages, you will be given a guided tour to explain how it works. 

We have tried to keep it simple and straightforward, but if you have any suggestions or ideas for us, please do fill out the Feedback form on the FAQs page.



We take privacy very seriously so everything that you post and any forms that you fill out are strictly confidential. You can always decide to share your Journal using the helpful "download entries" button. 

Care Companion is managed by the University of Warwick IT Services to ensure that all personal information is kept safe and secure at all times. We will be using anonymised data for research purposes as we want to learn how Care Companion is being used, the benefit that this brings, and how it can be further improved. “Anonymised” means that it will be completely impossible for any information to be linked to a particular person. We will never sell or share any personal information that is held in Care Companion to any agency or individual, and only researchers with permission will be able to view it.


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We're trying our best to create this website to be as effective and useful to you as possible. If you have any ideas of how we could improve this service, please get in touch below!

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