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I don’t understand some of the terms and words used in the resources…

We have put together a glossary of words and phrases to help you. The Glossary button is located on the top right of the page, next to the FAQ button. If you think we have missed any words or terms and need further help, please let us know by filling in the 'Submit feedback' box on the right-hand side of the Help page.

I really like this resource. Can I save it to read again later?

We’re glad you’ve found a resource you find useful. To save your resource, click on the 'Save to My Resources' button, which appears at the bottom of every resource. Alternatively, if you are still reading the resource, there is a button to save it on the top right-hand side of the page.

To look at your resources later, click on Resources. On the Resources page, click on the pink button on the right-hand side labelled View My Resources.

I want to look for a specific topic… Can I?

Please do! On any page of the Care Companion, the blue panel remains at the top of the page. Click on the “Search the site” box on the right-hand side of this bar, typing next to the magnifying glass. Write what you want to search in the box and click on the green “Search” button.

I’m worried about the reliability of these resources… How are they picked?

We understand your concerns and would like to reassure you that all resources have gone through a 3-stage screening process. Our researchers search for and select relevant content, which is double-checked by a second researcher, ensuring its relevance and usefulness. The resources are then confirmed by a panel of your peers, making sure they are helpful to you, as a carer. Only then are they uploaded for you to view.

I’ve finished with this resource and want to get back to the Care Companion...

Not a problem! Some of the resources are embedded into our website. This means that when you view them, you are still on the Care Companion. In this case, you can either click on the Home button in the menu bar or simply click on green “Back to Care Companion” button. Alternatively, you may have had to visit the original website (external site). In this case, the website has opened in another tab. Simply close the tab down by going to the very top of the browser and clicking on the “x” for the specific tab you want to close. Your browser should then automatically show the Care Companion again.

Why should I keep a journal?

Keeping a journal could be helpful to you in many ways. Not only is it a way to record your daily activities for your own notes, but it could help you record how you are feeling and what occasions are causing the most emotional disruption. You may not be able to avoid such triggers, but being aware of them may make you able to utilise coping mechanisms more effectively. Similarly, recording a diary of what symptoms and challenges the person you care for faces could help you to more accurately report back to their healthcare providers.

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