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1. How to Register with Care Companion

To get the most out of Care Companion, and access to all its features, it’s really important to register your account. This short video guide shows you how easy and simple it is to register!

2. How to Get the Most Out of Care Companion

Care Companion aims to provide you with resources that are relevant to your situation.

To do this, we ask a simple set of 9 questions to set up your profile and personalise your account.

Watch the video below for a guide on how to set up your profile.


3. How to Use Care Companion’s Resources

Care Companion continually adds new resources that are aimed at providing you with high quality information to support your care needs.

To help guide you through accessing your personalised resources, please watch our short video guide below.

4. How to Use the Care Companion Diary

To help support your caring responsibilities, we offer a personalised diary and mood monitor.

Your Mood Monitor is a quick tool to select how you and the person you care for is feeling that day, and your diary can be used to record your feelings and track your appointments.

Watch our video guide below to see how to use the different features of the diary.

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